Children's Dentist Officer

The first dental visit is an important milestone.

Good habits start young.  

Early and consistent dental visits are vital for developing good lifelong oral health in children. Officer Smiles want your child to have a positive experience when they come in. We want to build life long relationships with your family so they are less likely to require major dental care as they get older; and same goes for your children's children.

You can make your child's and your visit a stress-free one.

First dental visits can be quite nerve wrecking, and usually more so for the Moms and Dads. So avoid waiting until a toothache or visible decay to occur before bringing your child in.

When you do bring them in, speak positively about the dentist in front of your child at all times.

Likewise, avoid using dentists as a threat as your child may perceive the visit as a punishment. Finally, play pretend dentist at home! You can take turns to play counting teeth with them while using spoons as a pretend mirror.

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What is the best age to bring our child in?
Why bother restoring baby teeth when they will be replaced by adult teeth in the future?
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