Orthopaedic Plates and Braces Officer

Crooked teeth can be a sign of an underdeveloped jaw.

Have you considered orthodontics for your child?

When you bring your child in for their check up, besides the general dental examination, a small jaw is also what we look out for. A small jaw can cause teeth to bend and twist when they emerge out of the jaw. Picking this up early may avoid bigger future issues such as jaw aches, unevenly worn teeth and severely crooked teeth that make it very difficult to clean.

We pick up early signs that point to a wider reaching impact to your child's well being.

Jaw maldevelopment may run in the family or there may be other habits that caused it. An example could be that their nose is blocked all the time and you never noticed it. Children who have disrupted nasal breathing often mouth breathe and have disturbed sleep. They may subsequently exhibit restlessness in the day and inability to focus at school. The small jaw and crooked teeth may merely be a clue to bigger hidden issues.

Broader jaws make your child look better, breathe better, sleep better and have a healthier future.

‍Orthopaedic plates allow us to gradually and gently guide the growth of your child’s jaw to its natural potential. WIth jaw expansion, it is less likely that your child will need to go through the traumatic experience of extractions to create space. The process of alignment will also be quicker because there is now more room to shift teeth into their positions.

We work with GPs, ENTs, Sleep Physicians and other Allied Health professionals in order to achieve the best orthopaedic and orthodontic outcome for your child.

If you suspect your child's adult teeth are crooked, it is time to contact us or book online for a consultation


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