Dental Extractions Officer

Sometimes, removing a tooth is a necessary evil.

As much as we love saving teeth, it may be in your best interests to have a tooth removed.

This may be due to dental trauma, severe decay, spreading infection and abscesses, orthodontic reasons, cracks or severe gum disease. Our team understands the anxiety you may have regarding a tooth extraction and will always endeavour to make it as comfortable as possible.

Our dentists are highly skilled in dental extractions and will always ensure it is pain-free during the procedure.

If the tooth is not fully anaesthetised, we will never force or rush it. After an extraction, our team will also go through with you in detail the after-care instructions and what you should do and avoid. This way you recover uneventfully and have a positive experience.

We look at the big picture and at the role of your tooth plays before guiding you through your options.

We prepare you to understand your risks, complications and future replacement options. Ultimately, we want you to make a decision that you will be happy with. If you are concerned that you may have to extract a tooth because you are unhappy with your smile, come have a consultation with us before deciding.

In the areas of Officer, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Upper, Berwick, Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North, Cranbourne, Cranbourne North, Officer, Officer South, Pakenham, Pakenham Upper, Pakenham South, and Rythdale, individuals can find a range of dental services to cater to their oral health needs. Officer Smiles in these areas offer a comprehensive array of dental service.

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