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Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a painless and conservative procedure, in which infection is removed from a tooth’s root structure before sealing the area from bacteria. With a compassionate and knowledgeable professional, root canals have no more discomfort than other conventional dental procedures.

Our dentists at Officer Smiles are knowledgeable and compassionate. And in the case of root canal therapies, they are meticulous at making sure that the root canals are disinfected well. Patients should not experience any more discomfort than doing a simple filling. In fact, patients report the cessation of severe tooth pain and being able to use the tooth normally again after root canal therapy is completed.

Root canals retain the natural aesthetics of a patient’s teeth, whilst preventing premature tooth loss and complex fixed restorative options associated with extraction.The costs of root canals are comparable to the cost of a denture. 

However, root canal procedures should be seen as a comparatively cost-effective investment due to its ability to prevent worse consequences after extraction. These consequences include erratic and collapsed bites, load shift onto remaining teeth, increased decay risk on supporting teeth and resorption of the jaw bone associated with dentures.

root canal treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure primarily used to treat and alleviate pain caused by an infected and inflamed nerve in the tooth. During the treatment, the infected soft tissue inside the decayed or damaged tooth is removed completely and replaced with a filling material. 

This procedure helps protect the health of the remaining bone structure from further infection, allowing it to remain strong and able to continue supporting the tooth. When completed by an experienced dentist, root canal therapy provides long-term relief and allows for the patient to resume their normal daily function using the tooth. 

It is recommended for patients who are considering or have had this procedure to continue with their regular dental check-ups, cleanings, and other preventative care treatments in order to maintain optimal oral health.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

A root canal is a necessary dental procedure for patients whose tooth has become severely infected or damaged to the point where the tooth is dying or is dead. The infection to the inside of the tooth can originate from different sources including deep cavities, multiple procedures performed on the same tooth, cracks, or trauma.

To save what remains of the tooth, root canal therapy is used to remove the infection and restore it to its previously healthy state. Without a root canal procedure, patients will risk their tooth developing an abscess and ultimately needing removal of the tooth entirely. 

It is best practice to visit your dentist Officer regularly as they will be able to monitor any potential concerns before they develop into greater issues such as an infection needing root canal treatment.

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment has become a widely accepted and routine dental procedure for saving teeth that are infected or badly inflamed. 

The benefits of this approach have been shown to stop the spread of bacteria from the pulp of the dying or dead tooth to the surrounding bone, stop any pain or discomfort that may be associated with it, and encourage long-term maintenance of a healthy smile. 

This minimally invasive procedure seals off the area from future infection, allowing it to remain in place without any additional medical care. In addition to its clinical success rate, one must consider the psychological benefits of opting for root canal treatment versus extraction.

Keeping your own natural tooth has many other benefits that are less known. Your natural tooth when experiencing loading communicates this load to the surrounding bone. This prevents the bone from becoming resorbed by your own body as part of your body's natural process.

The next benefit of keeping your own tooth is that every tooth shares a the responsibility of chewing. All teeth work together to spread this load out. When you keep your own tooth, this load is continually being shared amongst a large amount of teeth. This is beneficial to all the surrounding teeth in the area as they do not get overloaded.

Where one tooth sits, another tooth opposes it. This opposition is important because our teeth actually actively erupts out of our jaw when it loses this opposition. This can cause your bite to become very uneven, with teeth shifting into this new missing space caused by the loss of a tooth. So root canal therapy also allows space maintenance that prevents abnormal bite shifts.

Losing a tooth, especially in a visibly obvious site, can be quite damaging for your self confidence. Root canal therapy can also prevent this from happening by allowing you to keep a problem causing tooth and avoiding tooth extraction. Lastly, extraction is not the most pleasant of experience. Root canal therapy is a great alternative that is suited for patients who do not want to go through a removal of tooth.

As such, root canal therapy can be an effective way to retain natural teeth and possess a healthier smile that is aesthetically pleasing both now and in years to come.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Officer Smiles provides a comprehensive and pain-free root canal procedure to its patients. Utilising the latest technology, the experience at Officer Smiles is made more efficient and comfortable than ever before. Our skilled team of experienced dentists is here to guide each patient through the entire process while explaining all of the treatments they provide. 

Before starting treatment, a member of our staff will explain every step of your procedure, allowing you to feel confident throughout. In addition, officers Smiles may offer various sedation options for certain patients so you are comfortable during the appointment. Afterwards, an individualised plan for maintaining your oral health is designed so that you can maintain proper hygiene and keep your smile healthy long-term.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms That a Tooth May Need Root Canal Treatment?

Experiencing pain in a tooth is the clearest sign that a root canal treatment may be necessary. Oftentimes this pain may begin as mild and worsen when consuming hot or cold drinks, when touched directly or across the face. Swelling around the base of the tooth and sensitivity to chewing food can also indicate a problem requiring a root canal procedure. 

However, it is key to note that some teeth that require an intervention do not necessarily display any external signs of trouble such as pain. It is not uncommon to discover an abscess on an xray meant as a routine check up. Meaning that regular dental check-ups are essential for determining whether root canal treatment is needed in order to avoid potential long-term problems.

Is There an Alternative Treatment to Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of diseased or decaying dental material from the inside of a tooth. 

Without the removal of the infected dental tissues, disinfection is impossible. Removal of dental tissues can either be via the above mentioned root canal treatment or the extraction of the tooth. Alternatively, when an infected tooth is not causing any symptoms, patients may opt to leave an infected tooth as is. 

However, patients do need to understand that any infection that is left behind has its consequences and risks. Two such risks are that a future spreading infection is actively destroying your jaw bone, more importantly it can get life threatening and people do end up hospitalised.

Our dentists can diagnose accurately and offer advice on the most effective treatment options given the patient’s individual situation. Ultimately, it is up to the informed patient of which options they would prefer.

Officer Smiles is your trusted local dentist for root canal treatment. Our experienced team of experts can provide the highest quality of care – from our comfortable patient lounge to our state-of-the-art treatment rooms, we offer a comprehensive service that can help mitigate any discomfort you may be experiencing due to a damaged or infected tooth. 

We understand the importance of good dental health, and pride ourselves on providing quality services tailored to your individual needs.

Call us today on (03) 8338 1207 or book online to arrange an appointment at our Officer clinic and get started on your journey towards improved oral health.

You may have an emotional connection with your tooth, and our dentists will strive to save it from extraction.

In the centre of each tooth is a structure called the pulp. It contains nerves and blood vessels. This pulp can become inflamed or infected due to cracks, trauma or untreated decay in close proximity to it. When this happens, the tooth can become very sensitive to temperature, gets painful to bite on and will eventually die.

Root canal treatment is a sequence of treatment that removes the inflamed or infected pulp, disinfecting and sealing the space from bacteria. Once the source of infection is managed, it allows the human body's immune system to act reliably on any residual infection at the base of the tooth roots.

Root canal treatment will get you out of pain.

The procedure is almost always done under local anaesthetic, meaning the procedure is also completely painless. The entire treatment is typically finished over 2-3 visits. Not all teeth are suitable for root canal therapy. In some cases where the longevity of the final restoration is severely compromised, our ethical dentists may not recommend root canal treatment as the best option.

If you have feelings of anxiety with any complex dental procedure, please speak to one of our dentists about it.

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