Affordable Dental Crowns and Bridges Officer

Custom, handmade ceramic restorations to structurally reinforce your teeth.

Affordable Dental Crowns and Bridges in Officer

At Officer Smiles, we offer dental crowns and bridges as one of the most successful and highly effective restorative dentistry options. Our tooth crowns and tooth bridges are made from the best materials offered on the market to ensure a quality product with an attractive and natural look that seamlessly fits into your smile. 

The dental crown cost may be higher than other tooth related services offered; however, it can be the ideal treatment for teeth that have been severely compromised by either trauma, decay, disease or other oral health conditions. Rest assured that you can count on us to deliver a stunning restoration which not only looks beautiful but also improves your quality of life.

Types of Dental Crowns

At Officer Smiles, we offer a wide range of aesthetic and affordable dental crowns for our patients. Our aesthetic crowns boast beautiful porcelain finishes that mimic the appearance and colour of natural teeth, allowing for unparalleled discretion and comfort. 

These natural-looking aesthetic crowns are also durable due to their hard ceramic material, providing long-term stability. Additionally, we offer quick and cost-efficient solutions with metal or resin dental crowns – both of which provide reliable protection for teeth while also fitting any budget. With all these options in mind, our experienced dentists at Officer Smiles will work with you to find the best type of dental crown that suits your individual needs.

Cost & Payment Plans

At Officer Smiles, affordable dental care is the top priority for patients and our payment plans are designed to ensure this. For affordable dental crowns and bridges, we offer HUMM, an interest free payment plan which means treatment can start immediately. 

This allows patients to access needed care without paying the cost all at once. Whether you're looking for affordable dental bridge costs or affordable crowns, Officer Smiles is committed to providing affordable and accessible options.

Materials and Fabrication of Our Dental Crowns 

At Officer Smiles, our dental crowns are fabricated using only the highest quality materials. Our precision craftsmanship ensures that all our crowns will fit and function as expected, providing optimal oral health for patients. Our commitment to premium materials gives added assurance to our clients, reducing their stress and allowing for a smooth set-up process. 

In addition, all our fabrication processes adhere strictly to industry standards, with great care being taken in every step from custom-designing each crown's shape and size, down to fine finishing details such as smoothing gaps at the margins. With each dental crown embodying both strength and longevity, Officer Smiles continues to be the premiere choice for dentists seeking reliable fabrication services backed by superior customer service.

The Dental Crown Procedure 

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Officer Smiles make the dental crown procedure an efficient and seamless process. Patients are made aware of the various aspects of this procedure, which for some is a permanent solution for their smiles. A moulded impression of a patient's teeth is taken to manufacture a custom-built crown that will fit their mouth specifically, offering optimum comfort and efficacy of use.

The entire process can be completed with minimal or no interruption to daily activities due to its implementation being done completely in the office. As such, Officer Smiles is proud to make it easier than ever for you to get your required dental work done in a safe and comfortable environment.

Dental Bridge Treatment Procedure

Officer Smiles provides a comprehensive dental bridge treatment procedure to replace missing teeth with artificial ones that match the surrounding teeth. The process begins with an exam to determine the overall condition of the mouth and how much preparation is necessary for the bridge placement. Then, any tooth decay or damage on the anchor teeth will be treated and tooth reshaping may be done.

This ensures that the bridge fits properly and that it is durable once placed. Finally, an impression of the mouth is taken and sent to a lab where technicians craft a customized bridge made from porcelain or other material. It will be adjusted until fitting perfectly before being secured into place using dental cement. 

Overall, Officer Smiles takes great care in providing patients with a permanent solution for replacing lost teeth and restoring a beautiful, functional smile.

Advantage and Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges

Officer Smiles dental clinic offers a variety of restorative treatments including crowns and bridges, which can provide numerous benefits to those who need bigger-scale repair measures. Dental crowns cover broken or cracked teeth to protect them from further damage, as well as having the added benefit of improving the look and aesthetics of the smile.

Similarly, bridges correct gaps in teeth, allowing for a more aesthetic result while also correcting bite issues. Both crowns and bridges give patients improved self-confidence due to their improved physical appearance. Furthermore, these treatments can prevent further destruction of teeth from occurring which could expand into costly larger procedures such as root canal treatments or full tooth extraction. 

For these reasons, Officer Smiles offers comprehensive solutions for those interested in restoring their oral health through only the highest quality crowns and bridges.

Do you avoid eating on your tooth because it feels weak?

Maybe your tooth has had multiple dental fillings or it has a crack. The tooth feels like it is flexing like a twig or a big chunk of it has already worn away, been lost to decay, or even broken off. In these scenarios, you may want to consider a stronger restoration such as a crown. 

The crown envelopes the tooth like a protective helmet, bracing it from all sides.

A crown can protect your tooth from catastrophic fracture. Think of it as a highly customised filling made in a laboratory. Because it is made of tough materials such as zirconia, ceramic, metal or gold; it is stronger, longer-lasting, more protective and has superior aesthetics. Other reasons people may opt for a crown could be to mask a discoloured tooth, especially after trauma or root canal treatment.

Wanting to replace a missing tooth? The dental bridge could be an option for you.

If you have lost any teeth, it may have left an unsightly gap in your smile, or you may have trouble eating. For people that want to avoid dentures or implant tooth replacement, but are after a non-removable option, a bridge may be the solution.  A dental bridge is composed of a false tooth (known as a pontic) that sits in the gap, anchored in place by two crowns on either sides.

We only work with selected ceramic and dental labs based in Melbourne to deliver the best work.

Our dentists work closely with highly skilled dental technicians to create consistently excellent dental crowns and bridges. Each crown is unique in our hands and made specially for your tooth. The type of crown, material selection and suitability of the tooth to receive a crown can be quite complex. Fret not as our dentists will guide you smoothly through your options.

In the areas of Officer, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Upper, Berwick, Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North, Cranbourne, Cranbourne North, Officer, Officer South, Pakenham, Pakenham Upper, Pakenham South, and Rythdale, individuals can find a range of dental services to cater to their oral health needs. Officer Smiles in these areas offer a comprehensive array of dental service.

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