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While dentures are typically associated with the elderly, they can be a viable option for patients of any age who have lost some or all of their natural teeth. With dentures provided by a qualified denture dentist from an affordable dentalture clinic, it is possible to have dentures that look natural and fit comfortably. These dentures repair function, improve eating habits and restore your smile - enabling you to once again gain self-confidence without being restricted by social stigmas.

At Officer Smiles denture clinic, dentures are made with precision and care. Our denture dentists take time to ensure dentures are well fitted and as discreet as possible. We can help improve your day-to-day life by restoring function and having your normal smile back.

Our Denture Procedure

At Officer Smiles, we take great pride in our denture procedure. Our approach involves custom making each denture for our customers, which requires a series of appointments over the course of 4-6 weeks or more. In comparison to chrome dentures, acrylic dentures take fewer appointments to construct. 

The process begins with an appointment to assess your teeth carefully. This step is critical as dentures are sometimes reliant on existing teeth to support the denture. The plan is to keep as many healthy and restorable teeth that have a good long term prognosis while removing and replacing those that have a poor chance of survival in the near future. After the mouth is prepared to receive a denture, we create a mould of them as part of the initial design using a 3D scan or a physical impression.Another mould may be needed when it comes time to fabricate wax blocks on which your bite is recorded, and the positioning of the teeth is determined. After approval is given by you, our professionals begin work on the new set of dentures before planning review appointments that allow us to assess and make any necessary adjustments that improve their functionality and effectiveness.

Types of Dentures

There are two primary types of dentures available today: full and partial dentures. Full dentures are used when all of the upper or lower natural teeth have been lost, while partial dentures provide replacement for one or a few missing teeth in the same arch. Partial dentures can be made from two different types of materials, either fully acrylic or acrylic teeth with cobalt chrome frames.

Our denture dentists often recommend wearing full dentures for several hours every day to ensure patient comfort and allow the tissue in their gums to adjust to them. Properly cared for, dentures can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years before they need replacing.

Complete Denture Set

Complete dentures are dental prosthetics used to replace an entire set of missing teeth. Made from an acrylic resin material, complete dentures can help restore normal functioning of the mouth and in some cases may provide better stability than other available treatment options. 

Whether you're wanting dentures for the first time or are looking to replace existing dentures, you can trust Officer Smiles dental clinic. At Officer Smiles, we make denture sets that not only fit correctly but look and feel natural. Our dentist will take the time to discuss your needs and concerns and create denture sets using only the highest quality materials available. 

Partial Denture Set

Partial denture sets have become a popular solution for those with broken or multiple missing teeth. A partial denture set is composed of flesh-coloured, artificial plastic teeth mounted on either a cobalt-chrome or acrylic resin base. This base is designed to fit over the gum tissue where an individual still has their own teeth, and functions as a removable replacement for missing teeth. 

Partial denture sets provide many advantages for patients, such as the ability to eat and speak normally, improved overall health by preventing an uneven distribution of chewing forces which can result in dental issues, and improved aesthetics due to its realistic look. 

Why You May Need Dentures

Aging can come with its own set of challenges—particularly when it comes to dental health. Dentures are a viable option for those looking to replace missing teeth and restore their smile.

Dentures, while often associated with the elderly, are not only suitable to senior citizens. Dentures can also work very well for younger patients requiring teeth replacement.

Early intervention can be seen in those with prosthetics created after an accident or medical issue that has caused missing teeth or tooth loss at a younger age. Early tooth loss can cause uneven facial structure, affect speech, and lead to other oral health issues as time passes. Unreplaced teeth can cause a shift in the bite and may cause more difficulty in restoring a tooth site in the future. Dentures can also be used as an affordable temporary removable solution for maintaining space for future long term fixed solutions. 

In most cases, dentures consist of an upper and lower plate that fits around the gums and replicates human teeth in function and appearance, making them both durable and aesthetically appealing. 

With proper maintenance and care routines, dentures will last for years without compromising its original integrity or desired aesthetic result.

Alternatives to Dentures

In recent years, technological advances have opened up a variety of alternatives to traditional dentures. Modern dental implants provide an effective, long-term solution for people with missing teeth. These implants are directly fastened into the jawbone and can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth for a more natural-looking smile. In addition, dental bridges offer an excellent option for filling gaps in the mouth caused by missing teeth. 

A bridge uses an adjacent tooth as support and is anchored onto it with two crowns fused together over the non-supported tooth. Both dental implants and bridges are procedures that require multiple appointments, has specific biological requirements and in the case of implants, adequate recovery time. These may not be appropriate for some patients. Therefore, before embarking on any treatment plan, it is important to consult the qualified professionals at Officer Smiles who can determine what might be best for you and your lifestyle.

Denture Relines

Denture relines are incredibly useful in helping to restore a comfortable fit for denture wearers. A reline entails the process of using a soft-liner material to reduce space between the denture and gums, providing greater stability and comfort for the wearer. 

This can help alleviate sore spots by cushioning the pressure created when facial muscles are clenched, or teeth grind together. When performed properly, a denture reline can help to extend the life of the dentures, creating optimal performance that improves their patient’s overall quality of life. As such, it is important to consider enabling options such as a professional relining service when dealing with uncomfortable ill-fitting dentures.

Feeling unsure, anxious or embarrassed about the state of your teeth? Replace the discomfort and distress with a feeling of confidence with affordable dentures with us.

We understand that paying for it all at once can sometimes be difficult; however, we offer HUMM as an interest free payment plan, so patients get to do their treatment immediately. Don't let financial constraints stop you from getting the smile you deserve! Call us now on (03) 8338 1207 to organise for a physical to organise for a physical consultation where we can discuss the best dental prosthetics suitable for your needs. Get your confidence back today.

Many people associate dentures as something only senior people have. As a result, there is a social stigma surrounding dentures as it makes them feel older. People also tend to think that all dentures are loose, fall out of the mouth when eating and talking, are uncomfortable and painful to wear.

But this is far from the truth.

A set of well-fitting dentures can be inconspicuous to the eye, comfortable to wear, restore function and is more affordable compared to other teeth replacement options.

If you've lost some or all of your natural teeth due to decay, gum disease or trauma, dentures can replace these teeth to restore your smile, function and restore your confidence. This can be either a complete or partial denture.

Dentures can be made from either acrylic (all plastic) or chrome (metal-based).

Acrylic dentures are quicker to make, more affordable and tend to be used as a temporary denture in the interim until a chrome denture can be made or until you have other work done. They can in some instances be used as a long term option to replace the gaps in your smile. They are lightweight, strong and can be easily repaired or have additional teeth added on if needed.

Chrome dentures have a metal base that allows it to be much thinner, meaning it is more comfortable and less bulky to the tongue. These are also stronger (less likely to break), more retentive and are healthier for the teeth and gums in the long term. They do however cost more, take longer to make and require healthy natural teeth for support. They are thus reserved for partial dentures only.

A lower chrome denture.
A lower chrome denture.

If you would like to know your options regarding teeth replacement and if dentures would be a suitable option for you, contact us on (03) 8338 1207 and we will guide you to the prosthetic replacement that best suit your particular circumstances.


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