How To Best Look After Your Children's Teeth When They First Come Through

How To Best Look After Your Children's Teeth When They First Come Through

Taking care of your children’s teeth takes effort and awareness from the parent.

Our dentists at Officer Smiles are strong believers of educating both the parents and the child on how to best look after their teeth. Problems we aim to prevent are issues such as dental decay, gum disease and encouraging proper dental development as the child grows.

Here are some tips from our dentist in Officer:

Early first dental check-up

The first baby teeth come through at 6 months after birth and are usually the lower incisors. The moment they come through, it is  a good idea to have them looked at by our dentists in Officer to see if they need treatment. Sometimes there can be an additional tooth that is an aspiration risk, and sometimes they have a sharp corner causing ulcers that need rounding off. This is also a good time to get your child use to the dental clinic environment to alleviate any feelings of anxiety in the future. The first appointment will also be a good opportunity to educate you as a parent on what to expect and how to look after your children's teeth. Ensure a healthy smile from the start with an early first dental check-up for your little one.

Fluoride exposure

Your child should drink plenty of water as this is fluoridated. Fluoride is present in our water at very minute levels to strengthen the enamel and make them more resistant to decay. There is no scientific evidence of fluoride toxicity or adverse health effects from this. Your child should also brush with children's toothpaste 550ppm fluoride (which has lower fluoride concentration in case of swallowing) until the age of 6. It is recommended to help them or supervise the brushing.

Limit sugary snacks and drinks

Many parents fall under the trap of feeding their children lollies, sweets and soft drinks in order to keep them in check. However, you should try to limit your children's intake of sweets and sugary drinks as this encourages dental decay to occur. Encourage healthy snacks and drinks such as cheese and milk, which contain calcium to strengthen teeth and limit decay.

Look after your own teeth!

Parents with good dental health and awareness and more likely to teach and pass onto their children good habits to maintain their oral health. Learn yourself how to brush properly and effectively, how to floss and show and teach your children as you do it on yourself. Children learn by imitation!

Seek our help

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your children's teeth, please reach out to our kids dentistry team at Officer Smiles and we will love to help you. We are firm advocates of prevention is better than cure, so we give our 100% on educating you and your children habits to maintain a healthy mouth. Contact us on (03) 8351 5466 for an appointment today.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile



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